Sheraton istambul city hotel

I want to write a review about the Sheraton istambul city center hotel. We booked an executive room with access to the lounge. We arrived at the hotel at 22.15 to 22.50 we were checked in, then asked to pay a deposit of 150 dollars, with a room price of 83 euros. We thought the deposit was for the minibar, but it turned out to be empty. For what purpose the deposit was taken, it is unclear. We weren’t even shown to our room. Came in the lounge, wanted to eat something after a long journey, but the staff we not only invited to eat, even warned that we do not offer going paramali on the machine and offered to pour coffee on their own. And this is a 5 star hotel!!! In the room we also had a surprise, there were no bathrobes, although the information about the room said that there were bathrobes. Shower facilities were also only available for 1 person, although the room was reserved for two. The spa and pool are closed, the gym seems to be open, but there is no access to it. For the service in the hotel I put 2. Disappointment for a chain hotel of 5 stars.

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