Anissa Beach & Village Hotel in Anissaras, Crete Greece

We were staying at Anissa Beach and Village hotel in Crete in August with my wife. As we arrived, we were offered three dirty untidy rooms to move in. Then we were accommodated in room 469 with cobwebs on the walls.
For the 9 days of our vacation we found 5 cockroaches in our room, which would appear only in the bathroom. We didn’t bring any food to our room, so cockroaches apparently inhabit the hotel kitchen. Cockroaches spread a range of dangerous diseases.
I informed the reception about the problem with cockroaches and asked them to solve it. The receptionist asked to wait for her boss. We had been waiting for the boss for 3 hours. The meeting with the boss was not nice. She was rude, she spoke in a raised voice, threatened us and claimed the cockroaches to be a common thing. She flatly turned down our request to change our room by saying we were the strangers in that country, we didn’t have any rights and we could not require high-quality service. She also said she could call the police at any time. I regard it as an act of racism. When I asked whether there were cockroaches in the kitchen, she confirmed that cockroaches inhabited the whole hotel.
I asked her to repeat it for camera, and this is what came out of it. She called me mad and made an attempt to pull the camera out of my hands. My problem was solved by cleaning the room, yet it didn’t make any change.
It should also be noted that during stay it was impossible to go to the balcony, because there were, to put it mildly, unpleasant odors. In addition, on the ground floor, right under our room there was the hotel kitchen, where food is prepared. This suggests that the kitchen is probably also inhabited with cockroaches.
Before leaving (on the last day of stay), 2 cockroaches (as big as elephants) once again appear in our room. We had to call the hotel staff with dichlofos for help and, together, we were able to get rid of them. Only after this egregious incident, we were moved to another room (#570) on the floor above for one night.
The next morning, on the day of our departure, we went downstairs for an early breakfast, and found a cockroach again. It was lying dead in the restaurant floor next to the kitchen entrance.
I believe that hotel with cobwebs on the walls, cockroaches and boorish administrator has no right to classify themselves as 4+ stars.
I do not recommend to check into this hotel.
Photo attached to the review.

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